Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

It is not secret, I’m not a fan of cities. Often, when I am in a city, I am the first to search for a green space, a secret solace, to calm my mind, inevitably busy after absorbing the fast pace. In Melbourne, Carlton Gardens are beautiful all year round. There are wonderful trees to […]

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Springbrook National Park, Queensland

I love nothing more than rainforest. Exploring Australia, then, has been an absolute dream. Australia – such a large country – has so much diversity (and, indeed, biodiversity) in the landscape. Dry dessert, lush rainforest, tropical monsoonal areas, snow covered mountains, dry, gumtree covered bush; Australia is really a nature-lovers paradise. Unfortunately, there are many […]

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Warrandyte, Australia

Warrandyte. Warrandyte is a haven situated around 40 minutes from Melbourne, in the North-Eastern suburbs. For those travelling without a car, it is possible to easily catch to bus, and – of course – ride your bike (if you’re up for a big day trip!). I love Warrandyte for its river, for its little township (filled with […]

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Tasmania, Australia

To balance out my last post, which briefly alluded to my feelings of despair in reaction to the environment in Qingdao, China, I thought I’d post about a recent trip that I made to Tasmania, in Australia. Tasmania is a small island, separated from by the Bass Straight from Australia’s main land. Indigenous Australians have been […]

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Qingdao, China

On my way to my current location, the best option for flying was to fly via China. I was landing in Qingdao, which is located in Shandong Province, on the Eastern coastline. To be honest, prior to seeing the flight option, I had never heard of the place. Of course, I researched before landing, and […]

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De Ceuvel, Amsterdam

I am always on the look-out for innovative, ethically driven alternatives to services that we tend to use in conventional societies. In Amsterdam, a friend that I was staying with works at an absolutely wonderful cafe, named De Ceuvel. I was delighted by the concept, and very excited to visit. De Ceuvel is a former […]

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Reflections on a (temporary) transition from off-grid to on-grid living

 Most articles written about transitioning between off and on-grid living, focus on the process from on-grid to off-grid. After having lived off-grid, in a suburban setting, for over two years – I am now involved in the transition away from off-grid living…. but hopefully temporarily. My current circumstances mean that after two years living in […]

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