De Ceuvel, Amsterdam

I am always on the look-out for innovative, ethically driven alternatives to services that we tend to use in conventional societies. In Amsterdam, a friend that I was staying with works at an absolutely wonderful cafe, named De Ceuvel. I was delighted by the concept, and very excited to visit.

De Ceuvel is a former industrial site, converted into a social enterprise by a number of architects. You can read about its genesis here.  Sitting on the edge of a canal, it promises not only a wonderful view, but the option to swim (or dangle one’s feet in the water if less brave) on hot days. It offers venue hire, day-events, a cafe, and a range of interesting and inspiring projects such as an aquaponics system, a green-house and the development of a bio-gas converter. Solar panels, up-cycling of materials, and other sustainable technologies have also been utilised. A-mazing!


It seems to be a great place for both building community and sharing ideas about ethically-driven consumption. Further, the cafe offers numerous vegan and vegetarian options, as well as home-brewed beverages. The very friendly De Ceuvel staff ensured me that the food was sourced locally, and fairly.

An up-cycled gymnasium floor, grounding the inside of the cafe

Artwork, sculptures and greenery provide a feast for the eyes at De Ceuvel. For anyone interested in sustainable concepts, urban development, architecture, or good food – I highly recommend that you check it out! For more details, visit their website:



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